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  1. Favorite Rayisms
  2. Horse Stuck in First Gear
  3. How to improve responsiveness to seat?
  4. Thoughts on Brenderup
  5. Free forward motion...
  6. Goals
  7. Tom Curtin
  8. Who do you think was right?
  9. Older uneducated horse, younger uneducated rider
  10. Confused about softness
  11. Legacy of Legends - Bill, Tom and Ray would be smiling
  12. Sensitive horses
  13. Side passing
  14. Some may find this interesting
  15. Extreme Trailer Loading
  16. Herd bound
  17. Mare pulling when tied
  18. A student of Ray Hunt's wins the Australian NCHA Futurity
  19. Back up
  20. Maintain Soft Correct Headset
  21. Legging up my new gelding
  22. Social work with parents supported through horses
  23. What do we mean by Classical Horsemanship?
  24. A Constant Conundrum of Communication & Chastisement
  25. Exercises to improve MY seat
  26. Classic Horsemanship - the creed.
  27. Explaining the natural brace in a horse
  28. Joe has Pilates lessons
  29. An observation about the "top clinicians"
  30. A biting horse
  31. The Vaquero/Buckaroo "Way"
  32. Does my horse have a bad personality, or am I just boring
  33. A training regimen ?
  34. The benefit of hindsight
  35. Training a horse to do the Spanish walk.
  36. The misconception of "proper gear".
  37. lighter hands
  38. What an Opportunity!
  39. Softness in the Feet, Softness in the Bridle
  40. Californio Isolationist
  41. Themes and Lessons from The Dorrance's, Ray Hunt, and other great horsemen
  42. Desensitizing your horse
  43. Good stewards of man as well?
  44. Straightness
  45. Foundation
  46. Laying Down the Horse
  47. The turn and how Ed Connell describes it
  48. Collection
  49. Self Carriage
  50. Basic speed control.
  51. What amount of autonomy do you want with your horse?
  52. Horsemanship in the show ring
  53. Wade Saddles & 18th Vertebrae
  54. How to slow a horse down
  55. Accuracy
  56. colt starting